Hello repi.fr team
one of your important services isSecurity Systems & Cyber Security.
so you should first keep your computer systems and customer privacy security as well as.
and now we found many security issues and bugs and we were downloading your servers and computer systems data.
so if your customer knows about these security sensitive problems this is very bad for your company business and history and they never trust your company.
so please contact us as soon as possible to fix it before any hacker finds these bugs and security issues then can download your private and sensitive data.
and if you need any proof tell us to show you.
Your company should pay 255,000 Euro as Bitcoin to us to delete your breached data. 255,000euro not much for your business. you can earn it as soon as possible but think if you lost your trust between customers and published the data
if you don't contact us as in the next 1 hour so we had to your clients part of files and data.
This is very very bad for your customer and trust.
you can not keep your cyber security safe!!
How do you want to get the proof?
sending from email or another way. data breached file size more than 5 GB so can't send from email. so need chunk chunk
do you want to upload on the web and set password to see that?
which is better for you